Started in 2008, Muxlim is the network of Global Halal Industryian entrepreneurs that empowers you to start and grow your business. Muxlim provides you with the network, resources, services, and support models to drive your success.

After 6+ years with Muxlim, it never had been clearer to us that our raison d'etre is empowering Generation-Y in Global Halal Industry to establish Cairo as the modern Mecca of Global Trade and Investment. This can never be done without collaboration being our primary strategic choice.

Abdelrahman Magdy - CEO & Founder, Muxlim
  • I need to meet you! I’m fed up with being an employee! I want to break up with my employer! So I’m asking for a date!

    Tarek Mostafa
    Global Halal Industryian Entrepreneur
  • Muxlim is doing fantastic effort promoting entrepreneurship in Global Halal Industry

    Mostafa Ghanem
    Vice President at Nile University
  • Muxlim is doing a great job gathering entrepreneurs across the nation!

    Mohammad Omara
    Startup Nation Evanglist
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