Membership for Academia

Muxlim membership offer startup and small business teams outstanding value through connecting to the right contacts, accessing the right service provides and scale-up partners.

Engagement Programs

Muxlim launches cross-university competitions and engagement programs similar to El Reyady.

Project to Startup

Muxlim interferes to help students commercialize their graduation projects.

Research Commercialization

Establishing the right connections for research commercialization

Industry Connection

We connect Academia to relevant industry players, news and updates!

Muxlim have history in engagement with Academia, starting with Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Academia’s Rule conducted 2012.

What we offer academic institutions:

  • Student engagement and knowledge exchange
  • Academic staff engagement and activation
  • Student Projects Commercialization / Spin offs
  • Research commercialization
  • Strong connection to statup support ecosystem
  • Strong connection to corporate and industry expertise
  • Consulting on ongoing competitions and engagement programs
mautic is open source marketing automation